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With the diversity of the Ford lineup, not to mention the many Ford models that are coming through the pipeline in the next few years, it takes research to understand which vehicle is right for you. Our Ford car reviews are meant to aid in your search for the right Ford model.

The reviews are always available, so you can check them out during a 5-minute break at work or while sitting at home dreaming about your next ride. Then you can contact our Gordie Boucher Ford Lincoln of Janesville team for a test run!

What Our Ford Reviews Are All About

There are certain elements of a car that are obviously subjective, such as the styling of the exterior and interior. Some folks may like it, while others may not. But there are also many objective traits regarding a car and these are the traits our Ford reviews focus on.

So, if you want to get to know a model’s performance specifications, feature list, safety technologies, or trim levels, you can quickly do so using our reviews. We have these reviews in place for any model you’ll find in the Ford lineup, from the Mustang to the F-150.

Ford Mustang

Our Ford Reviews Are a Useful Starting Place

Taking the first few steps toward finding your next Ford model is important. Our reviews can serve as those first steps, yet we also can help you move along the entirety of the process.

If you’ve read reviews on the Escape and Explorer, for example, you have an idea of what both SUVs bring to the table. From there, you can look to our online inventory and determine which trim level of either SUV you prefer. Finally, come by our dealership in person and give the two Ford SUVs a test drive!

Ford Escape

Our Ford Reviews Are Just One of Many Resources

All in all, we’re trying to help local drivers find and enjoy their preferred Ford vehicles. So, give our reviews a chance and if you have further questions or want greater insight, contact our Gordie Boucher Ford Lincoln of Janesville team!


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